Wednesday, April 27, 2011

School and stuff

The worst thing about my school is the work ethic. It seams like every other student doesn't give two nickles about their work. They rather discuss things like “Bad Girls Club” and how person A told Person B blah blah blah about person C, then B told D and D told C then C got into a fight with A over it. And blah blah blah.
The whole reason I haven't gone insane and committed an act of mass destruction is the vauge promise that this isn't REAL. Sure it's real, but it isn't real life. I asked more people then I'll ever actually meet, read more blogs then books in my library and glanced at so many youtube comments and they all say one thing: It gets better. From what I read high-school isn't the flight itself, it's just the take off; If not then high-school is the pre-flight safety demonstration thing, where they tell you a bunch of useful information. My point is: What we do here won't matter, because all that does matter is the information that'll save us in the end. That's what my money is on, what I'm basing my entire high-school career is about. I'm here to learn and get the hell out. This is why I don't care about who smacked who on the news or whatever people are watching today. I've stopped caring.

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