Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's the end of the world as we know it.

I have to apologize to my lateness of these entries. I was without internet for several days, so here is the entries that were due.

I was playing Fallout 3 a few days ago, and was reminded of the back story: A lack of resources lead to global tensions and eventually nuclear war, and you have to survive in post-apocylipic Washington DC.
It reminded me on how we're so dependent on oil. Usually videogames depict fiction or over-exaggerated military action. But... The idea of Fallout 3 might be right over the horizon.
Our entire planet is suckling on the nipple of oil reserves, and the governments of the world, like a smothering parent, aren't giving enough “push” towards weening us off of the stuff. And the family's growing. Over-population is growing more evident everyday; soon we we'll have to give way to let the other countries fight for survival.
The Nuclear incident in Japan isn't helping. Solar and wind energy aren't advanced enough for global use, and Dams are only good in areas with rivers (also a dwindling resource). Nuclear power is safe, why? It's the elephant in the room. “Nuclear disaster” sounds better on a news banner, but “Traincar full of coal derails outside of town” isn't going to sell papers.
And that power plant was 50 years old. My mother (god bless her) is fifty and naps in the afternoon. Buildings that are 50 years old creek when the wind blows.
To end my thoughts: A 50 year old nuclear power plant survived an earthquake and a tsunami and was able to keep most of the nuclear material encased and under control, yet you can look me in the eye and tell me it's not safe?

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